About Us

Our Mission…

At Leelanau Industries our mission is to provide our manufacturing customers with world class machining techniques and customer service, in order to produce machined products of the highest quality at competitive prices.

Leelanau Industries focuses on minimal manufacturing labor, streamlined administration with a targeted customer and product base. With minimal manufacturing labor in mind, Leelanau Industries specializes in multi-tasking machining with an emphasis on CNC machining. The machines on the manufacturing floor run 24 hours a day for 358 days out of the year, only closing for 7 holidays. This practice provides the maximum utilization of capital.

The use of state of the art Visual Manufacturing and Visual Quality software allows Leelanau Industries to streamline job costing, production control, project scheduling and project tracking. This allows the on site manufacturing staff the opportunity to keep quality high while keeping prices competitive.

The manufacturing staff at Leelanau Industries includes highly trained machine operators, supervisors and engineers, along with quality assurance and support staff.  Our staff bring over one hundred years of combined manufacturing and machining experience to every project. With this expansive machining experience and manufacturing knowledge at hand, Leelanau Industries is able to yield quality components and assemblies with high operating efficiency. As a direct result, the benefits are passed along to the customer in the form of increased machining productivity, reduced down time and long term cost effectiveness.

Our commitment to you is the highest standard of increased customer service, consistent quality, prompt deliver and competitive pricing. Our manufacturing processes are based on consistency, repeatability and dependability.

Leelanau Industries is currently certified ISO 9001:2015.