Mazak Multiplex

Leelanau Industries has several of the highest quality Mazak Multiplex equipment which has proven to be the most advanced in the field of manufacturing equipment technology, with enhanced multi-tasking machining abilities. Leelanau Industres has invested heavily into Mazak Multiplex manufacturing equipment, and their machining capabilities are enhanced by the presence of robotically loaded and robotically unloaded solutions on all manufacturing equipment on the shop floor.

Among the Mazak Multiplex machines present in the facility are eleven Mazak Mutliplex 6200Y Multi-Tasking Lathes and Mazak Multiplex 6200 Multi-Tasking Lathes. These Mazak lathes provide the following manufacturing benefits:

  • Y-axis capability (8 Mach)

  • 2 turrets (12 tools each)

  • 2 spindles (2″ bore)

  • 30 H.P.

  • Gantry robot load/unload

In addition, two Mazak Multiplex 620 Multi-Tasking Lathes and two Mazak Multiplex 630/6300 Multi-Tasking Lathe are present. These Mazak machines allow for:

  • Multitasking Turning Center

  • 2 Turrets (12 tools each)

  • 2 spindles (2-3″bore Cap)

  • 30 H.P.

  • Gantry robot load/unload

Leelanau Industries also has  4 Mazak Quadrex machines, a Mazak Hyper Quadrex Bar Fed Machine, a Mazak VTC-250/50D Vertical Mill and 2 CMMs.

Leelanau Industries is currently certified ISO 9001:2015.