Quality Emphasis

Leelanau Industries utilizes state of the art quality emphasis manufacturing techniques and machines, including two Browne and Sharpe CMM measuring machines on the manufacturing floor.

With a variety of extensive quality assurance procedures in place, there is very little that cannot be accurately measured and inspected. In addition to the CMM measuring machines, Leelanau Industries has their own Optical Comparator, Gage Pins, Air Gages and other calibrated gages to ensure proper quality to maintain control of their machined parts.

Various quality compliant reports are readily supplied to customers through SPC data collection, dimensional check sheets, and outside vendor certification of materials and sub-contractors.

“It’s our job to make sure each and every part that leaves our shop is exactly what you want.”
Rob Krinock, Quality Control

All of the procedures that are in place provide for an excellent quality program with Leelanau Industries, and allows for the company to provide customers with the confidence of knowing that their parts will be made to print each and every time.

Leelanau Industries is currently certified ISO 9001:2015.