Multi-Tasking Machining

Leelanau Industries is a manufacturing industry leader in multi-tasking machining. Multi tasking machining allows for the performance of many separate manufacturing tasks without human interaction. The use of multitasking machining in our machine shop consistently provides great benefits, including:

  • Improvement of machined part accuracy

  • Reduction in required cost of machining each part

  • Reduction in manufacturing time that is not a value added task

  • Offers unattended operations

  • Increases machining throughput

  • Decreases average lead time on manufacturing projects

The machining accuracy benefits through multi-tasking machining are astounding. Multi process tolerance stack up will be minimized due to the reduced part handling. In addition, difficult datum dependent workpieces will be more accurately machined because of automatic workpiece transfer and robot handling will ensure better locating repeatability. Improved concentricity between first and second turning operations is realized by eliminating manual loading through automatic workpiece transfer in multi tasking machining.

The basic cost benefits now realized due to the reduction of total machines necessary to produce the same parts include reductions of: workorder cost, in process inventory, burden rates, necessary manpower for total number of set-ups and large numbers of duplicate tools from machine to machine.

Two different revolutionary multitasking machining units are present on our manufacturing floor : the Mazak Multiplex and the Mazak Quadrex. Each Mazak unit plays a very specific part in the success of multi-tasking machining at Leelanau Industries

Leelanau Industries is currently certified ISO 9001:2015.