Manufacturing Capabilities

The manufacturing capabilities of Leelanau Industries allow for tremendous production capacity and machining quality. The key to manufacturing efficiency is in the robotic loading machines, which ensures low labor costs and high automation.

Due to this high automation and high production efficiency, Leelanau Industries typically runs three machines (six spindles) at any given time. The robotically loaded machines run between shifts, during lunch and breaks, providing the ability for the manufacturing floor to run unmanned for 21% of the house in a day. The manufacturing capabilities of these machines allow for a low labor cost business model, due to the fact that 80% of the production is run with 8 individuals on two 10 hour shifts.

In addition, Leelanau Industries is constantly updating the internal education systems for manufacturing employees and reprocessing to decrease cycle-times in order to increase the overall production efficiency.

Leelanau Industries is currently certified ISO 9001:2015.